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Trip to Porsche Museum in Stuttgart

The Porsche Museum in Stuttgart is an exhibition center dedicated to the history of the renowned German carmaker Porsche AG.

We couldn't resist any further to see it.

The museum is located next to Porsche’s headquarters in the Zuffenhausen district of Stuttgart and housed since 2009 in a futuristic building designed by the Austrian architects Delugan Meissl.

In a dynamic and bright exhibition space, the museum presents the history of the Porsche brand, from the first project conceived by Ferdinand Porsche in 1898 to the present day.

Over 80 cars and rare vehicles – as well as objects, artifacts, and videos – are on show.

Trip to Museum of Technology and Communication in Szczecin

Museum of Technology and Communication in Szczecin is a special place. It was focusing on cars manufactured in Poland until recently they have bought a huge collection of Stoewer products including cars. The company was very popular at the time when Szczecin was still Stettin. Now, after so many years, all of their products are back in the city they were produced. We had to see them. 

This is what Wikipedia has to say about the Stoewer brand:

"Stoewer was a German automobile manufacturer before World War II whose headquarters were in Stettin (Now Szczecin, Poland).  

The first company was founded by the Stoewer brothers, Emil (lived 1873 - 1942) and Bernhard (1875 - 1937) in 1896 for manufacturing sewing machines in Stettin.  

In 1899, the Stoewer brothers founded the firm Gebrüder Stoewer, Fabrik für Motorfahrzeugen and started to produce automobiles. Their first automobile was the Grosser Motorwagen (Large Motor Car), with 6.5 hp (4.8 kW) and 17 km/h (11 mph) maximum speed.

In 1908 Stoewers constructed Stoewer G4. This model was immensely successful - 1070 cars were built. In 1910, Stoewer cars were built under licence by Mathis of Strassburg. In 1916, the family-owned company was transformed into a limited company under the name of Stoewer-Werke AG, vormals Gebrüder Stoewer.

In the mid-20s a new class of cars was introduced: the D-Types included D3, D9 and D10 with four-cylinder engines, as well as D5, D6 and D12 with six cylinders. Something special was the 1921 D7 with a proprietary six-cylinder aero engine with 120 hp (89 kW). Of the fifty "D10" made, the only survivor is in Melbourne, Australia in original condition. It was on display at the 2014 MotorClassica.  

In 1928 the company started to build S8 and G14 models with eight-cylinder engines. At the beginning of the 1930s Stoewers delivered their highlights: G15 Gigant, M12 Marschall and P20 Repräsentant, each with eight-cylinder engines, with 60 to 120 hp (45 to 90 kW) and 130 km/h (81 mph) maximum speed. The production of these cars had to be cancelled after 2,500 vehicles being produced due to worldwide economic troubles. In 1931 Stoewer constructed one of the first cars with front-wheel drive at all, class V5 25 hp (19 kW), 80 km/h (50 mph) maximum speed. 

The model named Greif Junior was built under the licence of Tatra. Its afterdecessor V8 Greif was the last car being constructed by Mr Stoewer itself, class Arkona and Sedina were the last civilian cars produced by the company.  
In 1936 Stoewer factory developed the light off-road car (le.E.Pkw, leichter geländegängiger Einheits-PKW) for the Wehrmacht, a versatile four-wheel drive car, initially equipped (to 1940) with four-wheel steering. Due to capacity-problems the cars had also been produced at BMW-Factory Eisenach as BMW 325 and by Hanomag in Hanover as Type 20 B. Together the three manufacturers made a total of ca. 13.000 units. Stoewer was one of several German companies that exploited slave labour during WW II and had its own camp for prisoners. After World War II, the Red Army seized the remaining production facilities, dismantled the factory and sent the equipment to the Soviet Union. The company subsequently ceased to exist."

Trip to Classic Remise Berlin

Classic Remise visited as a club for the second time. We are almost sure this is not the last time we go there. 

The visit in Classic Remise is always a first class experience. And it is so worth coming back over and over again as the cars shown there are different every time. This time it was a short visit yet still we could see some gems including Porsche 911 from the first series as well as Lancia Delta Integrale HF. 

Drive around Szczecin

This time the trip is all about us. Our cars to be exact. We took both of our good condition cars and them for a spin in Szczecin.

We could not miss the opportunity of wonderful weather in June. Not too hot (no AC in the classic cars makes driving them on very hot day and extreme sport), not too sunny (that is for photography). Just enjoying the ride in wonderful city of Szczecin.

Classica Mierzęcin

We were too late to participate in the event with our cars, but that didn't stop us from going there and enjoying true classic cars spirit. 

Numerous owners of unique antique cars visit Mierzęcin each year. They exchange their knowledge and experiences spending their free time in a pleasant atmosphere. During the Open Days, the visiting guests have the opportunity to see rare and beautifully renovated cars, talk with the vehicles’ owners, take pictures as well as take part in attractions prepared at the compound.

In order to further emphasize the atmosphere of the past eras the participants and the visitors are encouraged to dress in retro-style clothes.

Trip to Classic Remise Berlin

Some people think this is where our adventure begins. We like to think it was before that. The idea was growing on us for quite a while. 

We want to learn from the best. And the best in our opinion is Classic Remise Berlin. It is a perfect place to see classic cars in mint condition as well as the ones ongoing restoration. Among few workshops dedicated to English, American, Italian, German and French cars, we have found few shops with parts, model store and a nice restaurant. The place not too far from where we live is perfect weekend destination.

For us it is much more. It inspires us and fills aour heads with ideas.


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