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We have it - Ford Taunus 15M P6 TS

15th March 2019

This car came as a surprise. It has shown up on advert the day before we bought it and, since it is on our dream list, we didn't waste any time.  

After calling the owner we knew the car is in bad condition and needs a full restoration. Exactly what we like. The problem was with the documents. It had the sales agreement only and it was not registered. We still need to figure out what's the best way to deal with it. Regardless of that, we have packed it on the trailer and set off for a journey home with great satisfaction again. After 4 hours drive the cars was parked in our workshop. This was a bit of a challenge due to jammed brakes. One of many failures we have found.


Str. der Republik
17321 Löcknitz


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