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Spare parts hunt - Opel Ascona

6th March 2019

We were lucky to find the wreckege of Opel Asona almost identical to the one we are working on. 

We managed to secure a lot of spares for our Ascona. The donor was stripped down almost completely and gave away many important organs in good condition. It was supposed to be a quick derigging of a few parts, but eventually it turned out that the interior was the same color, almost all gaskets were in good condition as well as windscreen, glass, fuel tank, etc. So instead of a quick transaction and shake hands, there was 4 hours of stripping until the very darkness. But the loot is worthy and makes us smile.

The trip couldn't have ended differently. After seeing Chevrolet Avanced Design in the morning, we knew it will be a good day.


Str. der Republik
17321 Löcknitz


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