We have it - Datsun 120Y Deluxe

9th January 2019

Nothing went as planned that day. We were going to get the first car for our garage. One car. Not even anything fancy. 

With Ascona loaded on the trailer we decided to check one more advert. It was only some 100 km away so we went for it. It was dark by the time we got there. And there it was sitting in a warehouse. We couldn't start it at first not to mention driving it for 500 km to get home. There was no other choice though. With Ascona, that couldn't run on the trailer, driving it was the only option. We felt it is ours. And it was. After it started we knew one of us will have a pleasure of going through the ice and snow at first and then rain for the rest of trip, behind its fantastic wheel. 9 hours later the car was safe and sound in the garage. Not bad for a 45 year old. Our first car hunt went better that we anticipated. After 24 hours on the road we were happy like little kids.


Str. der Republik
17321 Löcknitz


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