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We have it - Opel Ascona B Berlina

9th January 2019

We left home very early to get our first car far away from the place where we live. 200 km into our journey east we realised it will probably not be that car.  

We have left our homes at 04:00 with long journey to Central Poland ahead. With hopes high and in good mood we have started fulfilling our plan... until it got changed by a fresh advert with Opel Ascona B. It was Berlina, we knew the plan's not going to work. Even better. 4 hours later we were looking at it parked in the garage in small, snow covered village. It wouldn't even start... yet. Isn't it why we do it? To give it another chance? With that in mind Ascona was parked and secured on the trailer in no time. First catch. The one and only. Not bad to start with.


Str. der Republik
17321 Löcknitz


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