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Step 1 - Replacement of the windscreen

When we bought it, our Datsun had issue with the windscreen. It had punctures in few places and substantial crack right in the middle. 

If we were to drive it any time soon we had to replace the windscreen. But where to find it? After few hours long search we have found it in factory condition in Pilkington's central storage in Warsaw. The only one, available at... decent price? Well, it was not cheap, but cheaper that import from Canada or Australia.

We had our doubts about condition of the gaskets but thankfuly they were fine. The metal bits as well. After few hours of professional work the windscreen was swapped to brand new shiny one. The only question remains - how old is it? Did they really keep the glass for such a rare car for a long time?

Datsun before the windscreen replacement

With shiny windscreen on

Cracks clearly visible

We were worried about gaskets too

Old windscreen removed

Ready for swap

All seem reasonably ok

The dashboard is really good

New glass installed

Step one complete


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